Jane Bound, British
special agent Eta, thought she had the situation well in hand. She
had seduced the target easily enough and was now pumping him for
information. Bound had been extensively trained in interrogation
through sex. She’d been the star pupil, learning secrets far above
her security clearance from the instructor.

Bound knew that the
most important part of sex interrogation was to maintain control. You
had to keep your own lust in check so that you could wield the
target’s desires like a weapon.

As she slid onto the
subject’s cock, Bound knew instantly something was off. No
condemn-covered shaft should feel that
good. Yet, with each thrust, her passion burned hotter and hotter,
spurred on by waves of pleasure Bound could not even fathom.

shall we talk about, British spy Jane Bound?” said her target.

panic at being discovered drowned quickly under her lust as he
caressed her helpless, needy clit with his fingers. “Anything,”
she gasped. “Anything you want.”

situation was certainly well in hand. The hands simply weren’t Jane

Did this flash fiction
arouse your interest? My longer fiction will satisfy your cravings:

Oh, an interrogation, I like those, and a nice twist too!

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