Saw you post and note about three months of “foreplay”… July first, wow. That would be crazy but who knows… What’s the longest he’s gone? And do you have a a routine for ruined orgasms or do you mix it up? The longest we’ve gone until now is ten days, but we are exploring more this time. Currently day 19 with two cum releases / ruined orgasms.


He said YES!!!

(to three months of foreplay)

We started last night!  I’m so excited right now – you have no idea!  I honestly wasn’t sure if he’d say yes.  It will be our longest Playtime yet.  Our previous record is 49 days. (I was secretly going for 50, but I fucked up the math and popped him on 49 instead of 50 – oops!)

When he texted me “Okay, let’s do it” I turned giddy like a kid on Christmas and wanted to start right away – I couldn’t wait for the weekend.  So last night, (Thursday) he made my favorite meal, we opened one of our nicest wines, and we stayed up to 3a.m. just enjoying each other and draining him dry.  He thought he was done at midnight and basically gave up from exhaustion, but I managed to coax more out – staying strong till I saw those adorable, tell-tale dry spasms.  Side note: It’s amazing how much cum is in the male body!  Seriously… that’s yet another thing that requires a partner, because a man physically cannot drain himself – it’s too exhausting and he thinks he’s done waaay too early.  He needs a partner to take over and push him through the true finish.  Anyway, I’m glad I stuck with it.  Now we’re truly starting “from scratch,” which should make the first week easier for us.

We will spend the next three months building his next full orgasm.  Tentatively, that means July 1st.  But we never schedule a guaranteed “release date” like that.  So what it really means is that July 1st is his first potential release date.  Depending on how he’s doing and how much fun I’m having with our “foreplay,” I might go longer.

Another side note: Isn’t it funny how once you get to a certain point, you stop counting days and instead start counting by weeks… and then months?  I haven’t even bothered to do the math yet… how many days until July 1st, anyway?  All I know: it’s a lot!

By the way, congratulations on making it to **19** days!!  And still going!!  It sounds cheezy, but it warms my heart to know that other couples are out there, exploring and enjoying as we do.  I hope this blog has given you some creative, safe ideas to make your Playtime more erotic/intense/meaningful/bonding/FUN.

As to your questions: We always keep ruined orgasms potentially “in the mix” but don’t follow any routine.  imho, it’s important for him to know that literally every time we play, I might ruin him.  No matter what we’re doing – whether we’re having sex or edging – whether it’s by hand, oral, penetration, or something else – he must always wonder, right up to the last possible second:

  1. Will she make me cum?  And, if so…
  2. Will she ruin it?

It’s a subtle thing, but I also think it’s important for his mind to frame the questions that way (”Will she make me…”) rather than (”Will she let me…”).  With careful, mutual, deliberate management of his submissive “headspace,” his body more easily surrenders and his reflexes become easier for me to predict and control, allowing me to put him in a higher pleasure-state and keep him there longer.  That was complicated to explain, but the core idea is that he should know (and trust) that his body is mine, and I will always do the right thing to take good care of it.  If I ruin him, it’s for his own good, so he should just enjoy the ride and not worry about it.

A three-month denial might involve some ruined orgasms.  Might.  But, like I said, nothing is guaranteed and he must always wonder.  (hubby… did you consider that I might not ruin you at all?  No release whatsoever… for THREE months?  Hmmm??…)

If I don’t give him any ruined orgasms, I will probably work his prostate a couple times, just to keep the machinery in order.  Actually, we’ll do that anyway.  Prostate play is something I haven’t mentioned much in the blog, but it’s part of our Playtime, and I’ll write a full #journal entry on it, soon.  The short version: It’s wonderful!

I will keep you guys posted on our progress to July 1st.  The original tumblr post that sparked the idea is Here.  Isn’t tumblr great!!??  Stay tuned!

(PS: jk, hubby… I will totally ruin you.)

Ohhh three months! That’s twice as long as we’ve ever managed, good luck!

I’m feeling inspired… lol

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