Ruining Orgasms…


Of all the things I can do when I tease a man, the one thing that gives Me the most pleasure is ruining his orgasm. My favorite thing to say is, “Aww, did I ruin that?” I don’t know why, but I get such a thrill when I see his cum dribble out of the end of his cock with no pressure behind it at all.

I admit, it takes practice to get good at ruining orgasms and it is probably the single most often asked question I get. Women who really want to tease and deny their partner want to know exactly how to ruin his orgasms. Here is a quick and dirty outline of how You can learn to ruin Your guy’s orgasms. Remember, every man is different and You will have to learn the signs he gives when he has reached the point of no return. That is, the point at which he is going to ejaculate no matter what You do. You can only learn these signs be watching him closely. Watch his facial expressions, his body movements, which muscles tense and watch his breathing.
You need to get him aroused, obviously, and then You want to bring him as close to an orgasm as You can without allowing him to actually cum while You are touching him. I emphasize that because in order to ruin his orgasm properly, You must stop all physical stimulation at the last possible second.
I recommend that You stroke his cock gently, and with a good amount of lubrication. Although You can do this without lubrication, I find men last longer when they are well lubricated. Give him four or five strokes, fast or slow doesn’t matter. Alternate between fast and slow if You like. The key is in the pause between these sets of strokes. You must pause long enough to allow him to relax just a little before You give him his next set of strokes. The longer You want to tease him, the longer Your pause should be.
Watch him very closely! When You see the signs of an impending orgasm, Stop touching him! Wait at least ten seconds before You touch his cock again. Any less, and You may trigger a full orgasm the instant You start up again. Many men try to hold back their orgasm, especially if You tell them not to cum without Your permission, or if they feel they might cum while You are not touching them. This a good thing. Once You reach that all important point of no return, they can trigger their own ruined ejaculation by trying not to cum.
I have seen men hold out as long as eight seconds before they finally experience a ruined orgasm. That is, eight seconds after You stop touching them. That is why I say You should wait at least ten seconds before You start stroking them again. What You will see is their ejaculate begin to flow out of the tip of their cock smoothly. It will NOT explode as they are used to. The fun part is that no matter how hard they try, they will be unable to pump their cum out with any pressure. They can try. They can flex the muscles that usually make their cum squirt, spurt, or shoot out, but it will not work.
This is why You need to keep their hands bound so that they cannot touch themselves. For if they do, they will be able to have a full orgasm and all Your work will be for naught. The best part about learning to ruin Your guy’s orgasms is that every time you fail, You get to try again.

I posted about ruined orgasms before but this is a good set of advice!

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