Rewad your post abot notting your husband have anything since 2016, How selfish are you? I’d bail on you in aheartbeat.



“notting your husband have anything since 2016“- that’s not true. You misunderstand teasing and denial.

I’m not selfish at all. My husband gets love and adoration every single day. He gets sexually stimulated to the edge of wanting to orgasm every single day.

How many husbands can brag that their wife touches their dick every single day? Gets them hard every single day? Brings them to the brink of orgasm every single day? Lets them eat pussy every single day? I’m going to say a minority. It’s just a guess, but I hear about locker-room talk and more men bitch about their cold distant wives than brag about how hot their wife is in bed. Maybe that’s why some men bail, because they aren’t getting enough attention from their wife. I don’t think its the orgasm count per se so much as the attention count. The daily affirmation of love, with or without an orgasm.

Teasing and denial isn’t about a lack of attention, or ignoring your husband or his needs. Teasing and denial is about stoking those needs—often—and making them rage like an uncontrolled wildfire, but keeping that fire burning white hot without letting it boiling over and exploding into ashes.

Maybe some men WOULD bail on me, because I’m sure teasing and denial isn’t for everyone, but, we’re happy, so there’s that.

This is so true! Thank you for this post!

Some really important points here! Thank you for sharing.

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