Remember when you used to be allowed to do this, baby? You could cum in me whenever you wanted. All those years I took the pill just so you could fill me up with your cum.

But there’s just no point putting all those hormones in me now, is there darling. We have something much better. Nice little metal bars keeping you all safe and eliminating the risk of me getting pregnant. What a considerate husband you’ve become.

Isn’t it crazy though, maybe you’ll never cum in there again, not like you used to. I thought I’d miss it but now we have the big strap on, I really don’t. That’s what I like in me now, it never goes soft, it’s so much bigger, and no mess at the end that you leave me to clear up!

But don’t worry sweetheart, I’ve got another hole just the right size for your little cock, maybe I’ll still let you cum in there, on very, very special occasions.

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