Please start tagging your original captions, and go back and tag the ones in the archive if possible. Your originals and reblogs are all mixed together and as someone who just found your blog today, that’s more archive than I could possible go through in a week. And your original caps are better than most of your reblogs. And the reblogs I’ve already seen on other tumblrs. Thank you.

There’s more archive than you could go through in a week, but you want me to go back through every post and retag them for you? Seriously?

Firstly, no.

Secondly, as far as I can see it’s not even possible. I’d have to let my computer load 7,000 posts on a single page as you can only retag via the main interface using xkit. Welcome to a slow computer death.

Thirdly, are you referring to the posts I said I found on randomly on reddit, they aren’t mine (but their actual creator isn’t obvious sadly). If not, thanks, I appreciate the love.

Fourthly, I tend to write captions under photos, although maybe doing them on the pictures would give me more tumblr traction. But it takes more time.

Fifthly, I only thought this would have three points.

Sixthly, the problem is real in terms of Tumblr being about as useful for finding structured information as an encyclopedia that’s just come out of a shredder. The longer term plan would be to put all the most useful stuff on the front page of the domain and have the blog as a subdomain, it’s in the works.

Seventhly, that’s the first time in my life I’ve written sevently! Oh, now I’ve done it twice the novelty is wearing off.

Eightly, that sounds less weird that sevently, don’t you think?

Ninthly, I’m only trying to get to elevently now, as that’ll be awesome.

Tenthly, I do appreciate practical feedback like this, just try not to sound too entitled.

Eleventhly. Yep, that was as good as I hoped.

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