Oh honey, don’t you wish you got that reaction when I pulled you out?

Ladies – here’s a challenge for you, this blog is just big cock reaction pictures like this – https://loving-cocks.tumblr.com/. If your man is into size teasing pick AT LEAST three and send them with one of the following captions:

  • If you were this big I’d never put you in a cageI wish you were this big
  • That picture makes my mouth water
  • These are what I’ll be looking at while you make me cum tonight with your mouth
  • Wow!
  • Do you like the fact big cocks turn me on now? 
  • This is your fault.
  • Strap on for me tonight I think!

Or just make up your own!

And if you want to watch lots of them you can try this fun webpage that plays through the pictures on a tumblr blog!

The Gooninator

I’ve quickly added a few but you can add any you like!

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