Oh another version of what I just posted about, how hot is that! Feeling him pounding away from behind me, knowing he can’t cum without permission.
‘Please can I cum?’ he begs over and over, his fucking slowing so he doesn’t go over.
‘Not yet’ I tell him, again, and again, until he just can’t hold himself any longer.
‘Ruin it’ is all I have to say and with a few more thrusts he pulls out and I feel his seed splatter over my back his cock pushed against my asshole.
Or sometimes I’ll be more specific, ‘Ruin it in my ass’ I’ll say and he’ll pull out and push the head of his cock against there, I tighten up so he can’t get in, but I feel the force of his cum squirt inside. I love that feeling, plus…saves on the mess lol

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