New Year’s Ruin


All month long you’ve kept me denied any release. Every time you needed me, you found me straining against the cage. 

You left me aching in my prison, only to giggle at my frustration. Eagerly, I’d grab your ass and worship every inch of your body. 

Willing to please your every whim, I learned your pleasure brought me more joy than I ever thought possible. I found a new heaven in struggling against my cage as I felt your wet, warm flesh against my mouth. 

On days I was allowed to be free, you loved seeing my desire overtake me, and consequently, you. No longer emprisoned by the cold unyielding metal, I would fuck you harder and longer than ever before. 

You released an animal and did not resist as I filled you with my hard, yearning cock. I plunged deeper inside you than ever before and made sure never to stop until you collapsed from exhaustion. 

Other days, you would climb on top of me instead and grind away at my cock. You whispered between breaths how much harder I had gotten after being caged up. Your body trembled as you rode me to orgasm after orgasm, screaming how you would never let me cum again. 

Unlike ever before, you used my cock again and again until you were fully satisfied. Every position imaginable,  you worked away at my flesh and kept my balls full. 

I loved each time I felt you cum on my cock, always leaving me wanting more. Once you were done you’d tease me to the edge again and again, reminding me how I wasn’t allowed to cum. 

I don’t want this to ever stop, and I need you to never give in to my pleas for release. I love being frustrated for you more than anything, so on this new year’s eve, I want you to make me beg. 

As you pause mere millimeters from my cock with the cage, I want you to make me beg for more. Let me tell how how much I love being full and frustrated for you. Order me to beg to be locked back up and never be allowed to cum again next year. 

I want to be left whimpering as every muscle in my body screams for release. I want to be forced to beg for more torture as you smile back at me. With my cock locked up, ever so slowly squeeze the cum out of my balls without any chance for pleasure. 

On new year’s eve, please ruin my last orgasm of the year. Leave me frustrated and begging for more as a new year begins. I want to wake up January 1st and every day after that only thinking of you. Please ruin this orgasm for me, and all the next to come. 

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