Once you have chosen to surrender your cock to my hands then it belongs to me until I decide I’m done with it. Your edging session has no set time limit and you have zero control on how long it lasts. It could be for just an hour or it could last several hours before I allow you to cum. When I do finally allow you to cum by my hands it could be a full satisfying orgasm or I could choose to completely ruin your orgasm, and whichever option I choose your orgasm is only the beginning. Immediately after you have cum and when the head of your cock is so unbelievably sensitive I like to use my fingers and thumb to tease the slit. It can feel like torturous pleasure for some guys and for other guys it’s just too much and they try to pull away, but there is no pulling away. If the sensitivity is too much for you then I will stop, but only long enough to handcuff you to the bed frame. I will then continue to focus on the sensitive tip with my fingers. I won’t allow your cock to soften while in my grasp and after a little while the edging will resume once more. You will cum at least twice and sometimes three times before I finally allow you to go 💋

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