That’s certainly been true for us!
Firstly it’s great to just know I know everything going on in that kinky head of his, and I make sure to use what I learn!
But secondly, people get obsessed with stupid things sometimes, and if it’s just bottled up it’s like it keeps building pressure and becomes far more important than it deserves.
When I get hubby to tell me his fantasies, there are some I don’t like, and THAT’S FINE! I’ll just gently say ‘hmm, yeah that doesn’t do anything for me’ and move on to the things that do or that I want to learn more about.
And you know what happens, he’s said it, I’ve not freaked out, but just been neutral about it, and suddenly, it’s not a big thing for him anymore either!
So don’t be scared of hearing all his fantasies, and never react badly, but you don’t have to like them, just pass over those, and focus on the ones you do – there will plenty enough, trust me!

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