At first I wasn’t ok with the cage.  I told him I was not to get one.  He disobeyed, going with the “easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” theory.

Then I saw it on him, and was slightly swayed.

And THEN I found out how much fun it was to tease him.   His balls, the tip, with my fingers and tongue.  He couldn’t get hard.  But he was so turned on, he focused on pleasuring me, over and over and over.   

I then started requesting he wear the cage, and we ended up getting a few more, variety is the spice of life after all.  And I would tease him night after night, leaving him with no opportunity for release.

Fast forward a couple of months later.   I now wear the key on a bracelet.  And we are starting off NO-vember today.   He will not cum unless from anal stimulation or with the cage on until December 1.  The cage will be put on as soon as he gets home from work.  I will tease him relentlessly, make him wear my strap on and satisfy me, and be at my mercy for the entire month.

I’m ok with the cage now. 

Nice testimonial of what chastity play did for this couple!

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