Milking Competition!

I’ve been inspired by the above image. Let’s have some fun!

So here’s a little competition idea if you fancy it. Let’s get milking…

All our fellas are going to get teased to fill up their balls, and then milked this weekend to see who can produce the most cum! (Honestly fascinated to see the results!)

Simply, keep them caged and let them out for extended edging the next few days. Then one time this weekend they will be milked all the way to the edge and over – the orgasm will be ruined i.e. all stimulation stops as soon as they begin to squirt, although once it slows down you can try to squeeze more out. Your focus however is on catching their semen in a measuring device (see below).

Once that’s done, record the measure, and then try again! Yes, we have a prize for biggest load, and biggest TOTAL load! You need to see how many times you can make them ruin their orgasm in total. We want high yields!

To facilitate this I recommend cock rings and viagra pills or similar if you use them. I also suggest you have him go down on you between each ruin, but don’t cum till he’s finished, that’d be hot.

Actually, if you want more specific ideas… do this

  1. Get him stripped to his cage and tease him, then make him go down on you for a little bit by saying ‘warm me up’
  2. Uncage him and lube and stroke him till he’s getting closer then have him on all fours (you can be on the bed but standing by it works very well in a milk maid kind of way…) till he ruins into the measure device
  3. Comment on the volume and then have him go down on you, hands playing with your breasts until you are right at the edge, dont’ cum yet
  4. Get him back up and repeat, wanking harder and again flipping him over. Add a butt plug to him if you havent’ already and it helps until he ruins again, don’t spill it! You can vibe yourself as you milk him if you wish.
  5. Now you flip over and have him kiss your bottom and lick you down there as you vibe yourself. This time he can stroke himself to get more cum ready for you. Cum however you want, with him licking your bottom or flip over and let him take you to orgasm, then see if you can drain more out of him…
  6. If he can’t get hard again, get a dildo and use it in him, see if that will get him producing more. It often doesn’t make them hard but it does stimulate semen production. If you can make him squirt JUST from this you definitely get bonus points! Otherwise see if you can get another ruin, he’ll be going crazy over them by now, perfect
  7. From that point on, mix up whatever works betst!

This is a couple’s event, he is not allowed to do the ruining. He should be on all fours when he cums, it’s both hot, and in the theme of the game and practically easier to get the cum in the measure. When we’ve done this before, I actually put on a sexy movie and watched it while reaching under him and taking my time with it

Oh and if you have a dairy or cow girl outfit, get with the theme and put it on!

There are three prizes to win – 

  1. the most volume in the first load emptied
  2. the highest total volume you can milk out of them in one sitting
  3. the highest number of ejaculations achieved (until they run dry or can’t cum any more)

Once they can’t cum any more, and you’ve measured it (and photoed it if you want to) they HAVE to drink it to enter the competition! lol I’m so mean. But you know it’s the perfect excuse.

To measure it you might have a test tube or syringe you can use, or you can get all scientifc with something like this:

Here’s an amazon link for them…

Simply enter the competition by submitting an entry on Tumblr (or you could email it to me at

It should contain:

  1. A summary of how you prepared him
  2. His first ejaculation amount
  3. His total ejaculation amount
  4. The number or ruins you managed to get out of him
  5. Optionally you could send a picture of the filled measure or whatever, that might be kinda cool…
  6. A way to contact you – tumblr or email to secretly tell you if you won

If you’re a winner I’ll let you know in secret first, that way everyone can pretend to start to reward their hubby without them knowing if they won. If they did, you can make them cum, if not you can ruin them or simply lock them back up without cumming ‘bad luck darling, you didn’t win’.

Have fun!

Jane xxx

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