Male Chastity Elements…


What are the elements that make Male Chastity so appealing to many men, and what makes it work in a loving relationship…

In one word Orgasm!

In two words Orgasm Denial!

Both “orgasm” and “orgasm denial” are the key ingredients; without denial and without the promise of orgasm male chastity has little relevancy in a loving relationship. It will not work.


The prime drive of chastity is the permission to orgasm after a period of abstinence. Without the prospect of a longed-for orgasm, whether that be in one day’s time, two weeks’ time or several months’ time, if there is nothing to look forward to, no pleasure to receive, chastity simply becomes celibacy.

Male Chastity is both emotional and physical, it’s an aphrodisiac which teases the mind and offers orgasmic promises to the body – and nothing teases the mind like the promise of a longed-for orgasm…

“Cum-Days” become special days. Maybe they don’t happen often, but they hopefully involve a rare and overwhelming orgasm, that makes having your penis inaccessible and locked in a device an absolute pleasure to endure for the one you love.

When entering into chastity for the first time, you will probably be very focused on the fantasy and your own personal experience of that, and probably rightly so, but don’t forget that the anticipation and pleasure of “Cum-Days” is enjoyed equally and as enthusiastically by your wife, girlfriend or partner!

So the main components that make chastity work in a loving relationship are:
1. Orgasm Denial
2. Orgasm (and Cum Days)

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