Magic Wand Vibe down to $34!!



Wow Black Friday is anything but black if you’re shopping for sex toys!

Just a quick update to the post yesterday as another couple of useful toys are on Lovehoney’s big discount right now. This time it’s powerful wand vibes and it’s the cheapest I’ve EVER seen the Magic wand (make sure you use the offer codes I found below to get it that cheap though!) Plus some other amazing toys.I’ve just grabbed the pictures from the site but they aren’t clickable, you’ll need to use the links to the offer code pages.

For the US  it’s their own brand Wand Vibe – super powerful, it’s actually better than the Hitachi wand which only has two power settings, as this is variable. It’s the one we use to press against his cage and make him cum (or more often ruin, lol) and works really really well against a butt plug too!

That’s currently saving of over 50% on it BUT for US sales I got a discount code through too, which should save you another 15% on your whole order if it’s more than $40 – go to this page and enter in the code  FRIFUN16US

UK offers

For UK and Europe buyers (yeah different offers from the US, quite annoying…) we have this big old rechargeable wand which looks great (but again only till 6pm UK time). Or the Lovehoney Mains Powered Magic wand as above is also reduced to the same price! (So it’s £26.25 with the special today only code below)

We’ve got our own discount code too (UK site only) which is 25% off if you spend £25, which is great!!! Again, go to the offer code page and then enter the code 25off25f

Also on sale is our favourite strap on and dildo set:

With the 25% discount that’s only £11.25!!!! That is crazy! You’ll have to buy some more to get to the £25 minimum but OMG. Bear in mind the dildo ALONE is usually £20 (and it’s such a nice one, such soft silicon with a great curve for the g-spot, it was all we used until we got the King Cock big one (which fits in this harness)

Also notable is the WeVibe4 which is the remote control insertable toy which you can control from anywhere in the world with the app! It’s usually £120 but with the code above you can get it for £75! 

Remember all these are only till 6pm then they will change!

Lovehoney Black Friday Sale

WOW. Toy buyers of the world rejoice. Just reblogging this from one of my favourite male denial tumblrs because some of these deals are just insane!

The dildo is the silicone suction cup one I recommend anyway, and you can get with a strap on harness too for £11, that’s crazy! As she says the dildo alone is £20! Why get a strap on you may ask? well besides saving nearly half the price… you never know when you might need it! (seriously just having it in the drawer will make you feel kinky).

Also for denial couples that last We-Vibe offer has to be worth a go. If you haven’t seen them before, the purple toy in the picture slides inside you so it vibes your clit on the outside and G-spot on the inside at the same time! 

It’s also designed so you can be fucked WHILE wearing it.

But the best bit is the fact it comes with an Android or iPhone app… so that someone else can control it from anywhere else in the world! If those of you in long distance relationships haven’t got one already then I suggest you consider it! £75 is the cheapest I’ve ever seen it by FAR.

Also don’t forget the reason I love Lovehoney is they offer a YEAR no questions return guarantee, so if you’re not sure, just try it out (their customer service is lovely in my experience).

Note that those codes are only for today I think, and from what I see the wand and we-vibe deals end at 6pm, and some of them are country specific. (UK offers seems the best right now, but remember you CAN order from the UK site and get it delivered to the US, which with our exchange rate right now (thanks Brexit) is probably a damn good deal.

This is such a good idea, I hadn’t thought of it!

Lovehoney’s best deals today are on the UK site – but you can still order from there WHEREVER YOU LIVE and get it delivered to the US or whatever (and it’s free above £30 to most places).

So, use THIS LINK to go to the UK Offers page

Ignore the offer to go to the .com US site and save 10%, you save 25% when you enter the code 


You’ll get the best deals and 25% off instead of 15%, then just pick delivery to the US. It’s £3.95 postage or free over £30, yep, even to America!

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