Love the fact you talked about being monogamous in your blog. Too many today don’t appreciate that. Thanks for being clear about the risks of not being. You can still use your fantasies & create a mind fuck. That is more powerful than the act. Love your blog as well.

Thanks so much. Yep, that’s how it is and how it will be, and we’ll play around with fantasies a little outside that only because that’s what fantasies ae for. But for us chastity is all about the intimacy it’s brought us as a couple and the reinvigorated sex life we’ve discovered through it. It’s about making it LESS likely he’d want someone else and instead keeping him focused on me, not the opposite.

And that’s the biggest issue I have with lots of the blogs.They roll the cuckolding thing in with it so much. And I get that the idea is a turn on for guys but it’s so often a relationship destroyer (I know that’s what it would do to mine…).

And it’s not like you can’t have similar fun, but just the two of you. I’m tapping into all the same kinds of kinky emotions when I get hubby to use the strap on to fuck me, but without any of the risk or emotional trauma that bringing someone else into a situation results in.

So yes, thank you for the feedback, it’s most appreciated.

Jane xxx

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