Locktober Day 10

Spin the wheel!

So after all those ruined orgasms yesterday (if you got lucky) I thought today would be a good opportunity to explore something a bit meaner!

Now I know this is a challenge for many of us, so to help I’ve created a Spinner! You can click this and it’ll spin and randomly choose from the options provided. The meaner options have a smaller chance of happening but once an option is picked it disappears! So they get more and more likely!

The Locktober Wheel of Tease and Meanness

He is going to stay in his cage for this game unless he gets a couple of particularly (evil) options.

You can also really easily edit the options by scrolling down the page a bit. It’s really easy and the idea really is for you to end up making your own one to enjoy together.

Now I’ve included one option here that many won’t have tried and that’s using a penis plug. If you don’t have one then a well lubricated cotton bud (Q-tip) would do I guess – it’s just inserted INTO the tip of his cock. I’d take him out first I think but we’ll see.

Read up on the link below if you want to know more about using them but the main advice is go slow, use lots of lube, and do it before he’s super hard and THEN get him hard. I know for hubby the idea is hot if I restrain him first so I’ll definitely do that and then sit on his legs so I can just do it and unless he safewords there’s nothing he can do about it.


So in the same way, maybe there’s something you are nervous to try that you could put in the list – the lower down the list the lower the chance it’ll happen (smaller slice of the pie).

It could be fun talking about this beforehand and deciding an option or several that either of you are nervous to try and see what fate does. But once you start you have to agree, if the spinner lands on it you’ll try it!

I’ve also put a real mean option which is use menthol rub (like Deep Heat or Icy Hot) on his cock and balls – just to put in a scary one that everyone can try.

As I said before, menthol rub hurts A LOT. Once you’ve put it on there is nothing you can do to stop it. I suggest you dilute it by mixing it with some lotion, start with a little, and add more after you’ve waited at least five minutes for the effects to kick in. A good distraction is sitting on his face and making him eat you out as he suffers – well, at least it stops the whining! 😀

The game can stop when you’ve cum, once, or twice (harder version), or just when you want it to!

Have fun and let us know how you get on!

Oh and if you’re interested in getting a penis plug here’s Lovehoney’s range

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