Locktober 2018 #29

So, we’re nearly there! Well done with whatever you’ve managed through this Locktober program. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and it’s helped push you to try new things.

Tonight your task is to drive him crazy! And you can use the day to build up to that. Send him notes to tease him, post sexy pictures, surprise him by not wearing underwear, whatever you think will get him the most excited.

If you have something suitable dress up a bit for tonight. It might be favourite nightwear, a certain outfit, something new!

Plan a bit of a ‘date night’ experience tonight. Some nice food, doing something nice together, and then early to bed…

Once there, tie him up. Keep him caged at first, tease him, lick him, get yourself off while he watches. Take what’s worked best from the last few weeks.

Then finally take him out, hopefully he’ll have genuinely begged for it!

Full Lockdown version

Sorry, 48 hours to go, he stays in and just gets teased through the cage…

Use everything at your disposal, hands, mouth, breasts, pussy, bottom. Put on some porn if you like that. Very simply see how many times and for how long you can edge him.

There’s an amazing article by one of my favourite blogs, healthysexymarriage, that talks about the idea of ‘breaking’ him through edging. While you’ll see we debate that actual term, if you can achieve what they describe, just wow!


Make it very clear if he cums, you may not even reward him for having got through Locktober. And obviously ruin it… but be careful not to take him over, we want it all stored up for the finale!

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