Locktober 2018 #26

Sex, the way you want it

So we haven’t actually had much sex during this Locktober. And I guess that reflects how it sometimes goes with caging, we tend to have less penetrative sex, but much more actual sexual time together.

That’s a mixed blessing. I do miss him in me, but I don’t really miss the mess he used to leave, and the fact when we’re making love, he tends to get focused on what feels good for him.

What we’ve done more and more over this year is uncage him to have sex, but he doesn’t cum, which again is a real mind fuck, but refocuses him on enjoying it but keeping control. The rule has become that if he does go over, he has to pull out and ruin it on me, and then clean up. This is surprisingly hot, so it’s a bit of a win-win for me.

It also makes him cumming in me the pinnacle of pleasure, he keeps getting tastes of it but it makes him long for it so much more. And that feels right, I don’t want blowjobs or hand jobs to take it’s place as what he really aches to have.

I also use it as a tease, when edging him with my hand, for example, I’ll say ‘i would let you cum but I want to save it all for my pussy, and I don’t want to get messy today’. What a great excuse to not let him cum, leaving him thinking and wanting you even more!

So today you have a few options. If you’re enjoying restraining him you could do that again and uncage him, and do a mix of grinding on him and cowgirl sex to edge him.

If you would prefer him to do the work, then you can lie back and have him go down on you (let him make you cum this time, before he gets in you) and then have him fuck you till he edges, with the ‘ruin and lick’ provision in place if he goes too far.

Make it personal, get some eye contact, kiss, tell him how much you love all this. Tease him.

And then, if you’re feeling a little mean…at some point whisper, ‘I want something bigger’ and have him wear the strap on. If you leave him uncaged with the strap on, in missionary position his cockhead will rub over your bottom… it feels amazing and is a HUGE tease for him!

If you’re feeling even meaner, you can lock him up of course. Or never let him out in the first place, and just use the strap on. You really are in control now, enjoy it!

Some advance warning. This weekend, as promised, we’re going to try some sensual pegging (where he’s penetrated with you wearing the strap on).. So, firstly if you want to try that and don’t have one, you will need a strap on harness and dildo.Secondly, it’s well worth him getting used to some play there by using a butt plug, so it’s easier and you can both enjoy it more. So if you don’t have one, here’s our recommended ones – the Roll Play Plugs from Lovehoney. I’ll include some tips for him wearing them over the next few days.

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