Locktober 2018 #24

More teasing and revisit some earlier days

So I’ve had various requests this week for more teasing of various kinds so I thought I’d indulge that tonight. Also I’ve pointed you to some of the best tease tasks we’ve written for this Locktober – worth trying if you haven’t or doing again!

So a bit of a mix and match but you’re getting good at this now! While I pack all this into 31 days the real use of these 31 days is to give you things to try all year around!

Teasing is just a huge bit of denial, for us anyway. I know some guys fantasise about being locked away for months with no release at all but for us the cage is very much a tool to enable and enhance tease and denial play together. The long lock up, well, it’s a bit boring in reality for us.

Saying that though, we’re doing the full lockdown option so that means hubby will be teased but the cage stays on. But if you want an in-between option, why not try tying him up…

If you don’t have restraints then just making him put his hands beneath him with the threat that if they come out he’s locked up, no warnings, is hot too! But him actually pulling on the restraints, yeah, even hotter in my mind!

So the other day I mentioned a great source of the videos we like most and I’ll flag it up again as I think they are super sexy and links like this don’t tend to last very long but this one seems to:


So one of my other favourite types of teasing is about cock size, you may have noticed? If this isn’t for you, no problem but, yeah, turns out we both love it

So here’s an image to get you started… even just admiring it will get him going.

There are lots of pictures and phrases to tease him with from the earlier Locktober post Day 8 Size Teasing so have a visit to that together!

Or work through all my posts tagged about it while you edge him or he licks you


Something that drives hubby crazy is if I tell him to go down on me while i look at this kind of thing… why don’t you try it.

Or if you have a big dildo then get it, and start using it, right next to him. More tips for that on from Day 15 – Tease and Tied

If you fancy mixing things up again you could use the Wheel of Chance we made for the Spinner task.

For a real change, why not get him to tease YOU, see how it feels to be kept on edge for as long as he can. There’s nothing better for it than his warm soft mouth…

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