Locktober 2018 #16

Unlocking, or not?

So, four nights, five days locked up. Start tonight asking them how it’s been, talk about what’s good, what’s bad about it compared to what else you’ve done.

And then, ask them, ‘How would it be if I didn’t let you out?’ and see how that discussion goes, be honest, if you’ve even considered it, tell them, they’ll find that VERY hot.

Then announce that you want to reward them with a ruined orgasm for doing the five days, they’ll be excited at the thought of getting out, and then, add…’While you’re still caged’

Because that’s the task today, to see if you can make them spurt while still caged!


Just like that…

Now this isn’t easy, but it’s sure fun to try! We’ve managed it the three main ways I can think of, so I’ll quickly set out each and you can see which suits you.

I suggest you get him to edge you first if you need a bit of encouragement to go for this… maybe not cumming unless you manage to make him cum too. And yes, when I say cum, I mean ruin 🙂

Caged Cumming option 1

First to try is by playing with his cock in the cage, pulling, licking, rubbing, but most of all putting a vibrator, ideally a big powerful wand vibe against the cage.


Sometimes with the vibe you just ‘hit the spot’ and it’s quite easy to take them over, other times we’ve found we just can’t get it.

Unlike that picture though, be sure to pull away the vibe as soon as he goes over. We don’t want him having anything but a ruin today, but even that will feel great compared to the lack of stimulation he’s had.

If this is the approach you’re taking, well if you fail you then have the option to say, ‘oh well, if you came I was going to let you out but I think we’ll try again tomorrow, so we’ll just keep you locked up.

Of course if you succeed, you have the counter argument, ‘Oh well if you can cum in the cage there’s no reason to let you out!’

He he.

Even if you plan to let them out… you should tease them with those, as they’re really pretty hot. And the ‘you may have thought you were coming out but you’re not’ appears to be one of the biggest turn-ons in this game (if we believe the captions anyway).

Option 2

Option 2 involves a butt plug, and ideally one designed to hit the prostate – often called a prostate massager. Now the idea with these is men can actually learn to just cum from exercising their pelvic floor muscles. We’ve never managed that although many say they have. For us, the answer is… whack the big vibrator on it! It works like magic!

Lots of lube, get the plug in him, lie him on his side, and slowly turn up the speed while pressing the wand on the base of the plug. Keep talking, get his feedback, play with his caged cock and nipples, but most of all have fun listening to the noises he makes! This can take time, half an hour of building it up of more, but it’s totaly worth it.

I know lots of you struggle with the whole plug and anal thing but, there is something absolutely extraordinary in teaching a guy he can cum without his cock being involved. It’s a genuine game changer in him realising there is more to sex than just sticking his cock somewhere!

Option 3

Option 3 is pegging or a dildo for prostate massage. Just so you can see it’s for real…


 If you’re not new to this you’ll know what to do anyway, if you are new, now’s not the time to start! But if you’re brave enough we are going to try it later in the month. He would probably love this, so be open to it. I was resistant to it too but turns out it can be very sensual and sexy. It’s one of the things I save for special moments.

NO MATTER WHICH OPTION YOU PICK YOU RUIN THE ORGASM! This is easier with option 1, prostate orgasms tend to be different anyway, but once he starts spurting, stop the stimulation. Just because you can and we don’t want any full orgasms before the end of the month!

And then, well see what you fancy, keep him caged or let him out… your choice.

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