Locktober 2017 – Day 7

Going down, and staying down

So a nice one today, some training for him, on going down on you.

He’s going to stay caged, and spend the entire time down between your legs.

But this time it’s a game. You see you have to set some secret criteria. 

An amount of time, and a number of times you cum. You don’t tell him what they are, just that you know.

If he meets BOTH those criteria then afterwards you can reward him with a nice long edging. Otherwise he just stays locked up.

I’d go for something like half an hour and four orgasms but you could make it harder or easier. If he’s not done it much then his tongue will be worn out after 15 mins or so. But he can use fingers or a vibe to mix it up!

Get somewhere comfy for this. Lying in bed is of course a good start but it’s often easier if you’re on the edge of the bed so he can kneel and be more upright – he can breathe more easily and move around more. Or sitting on a sofa is hot, or lying back in a chair like 

So while he goes down on you, you can do what you fancy! Read a book, put on some TV, browse Tumblr. I’d personally go for something sexy, read some erotica, watch some porn, let him hear that, comment on it, tease him… so good.

A few things you can do to make this sexy for him too.

  1. Be vocal. Yes, you are putting it on a bit but that’s OKAY! It turns him on like crazy and actually it’s really just letting it out. When he gets something right, make noises to show him! Say it feels good, swear under your breath.
  2. Grab his head, his hair, press him on you – so hot – even rub yourself against him
  3. Tease him – remind him of his caged cock, how much you love it, how it must be straining, dripping, that you should just keep him like this, all you need is his mouth now
  4. Instruct him – don’t just leave it all to him, take control sometimes, tell him what to do – lick my clit, tongue fuck me, suck gently on my clit, finger fuck me, stick your finger in my…  – it’s fun treating him like a sex toy! And then, of course, tell him, ‘make me cum now!’ when you want to
  5. Be daring, try some bum licking – try lifting your knees up and telling him – lick lower… or simply rolling over and presenting your bottom to him – then rub or vibe yourself so you cum while he licks your bum

Here’s a few captions I found that might inspire you…


Source: Fairchastity


Source: Meangirlcaptions


Source Clickthelock

And find lots more from just searching:



And remember if he hits his secret targets… reward him. Or don’t! Your choice 😛

Isn’t this the greatest?

Full Lockdown

You just don’t let him out 😛 Promise him some stroking through the cage and teasing, if he hits his targets….

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