Locktober 2017 – Day 30

If you’ve enjoyed this, join our little community of Chastity WAGS!

I hope you’ve been enjoying Locktober together, and that these posts have given you ideas you could use to explore and enjoy each other.

It’s quite hard work putting it all together so I tend to take a bit of a break in November from so much posting, however, this doesn’t mean there’s not more help available.

A few months back my hubby created an online community space for me, something we called the Chastity Wives and Girlfriends group. It uses a social media platform that’s a lot like Facebook groups called Slack, only it can be anonymous and there’s not the risk of you clicking the wrong button and your chastity question going out to all your friends and family!

It’s very relaxed, and strictly a ‘no drama’ group. We support each other with ideas of what might work if you’re exploring chastity and tease and denial, and we just encourage each other really. I’m really strict on the no drama thing though, anyone not being nice and helpful and polite will be quickly excluded. I don’t have time to be managing it more than that.

We’re still figuring out how best to use it, and it’s been neglected over the last month as I’ve focused on Locktober, but we’ve added some fun things like ‘bots’ that give us ideas if we ask what we should do to hubby or tell us how long to keep him in a cage etc. It’s a really fun little group.

Whether you’re just curious about trying chastity with your partner or been doing it for years, you’re very welcome to join us.

The only strict qualification is you have to be a woman who is in a relationship with a man, curious about or using chastity play as a couple.

Sadly when I last promoted this group we had a few guys pretend to be women to try and join it. The fact it’s a safe, women only environment is super important to me so I need you to prove you’re for real I’m afraid. 

The simplest way to do this seems to be to include a picture (it doesn’t have to identify you, just clearly show you’re a woman) and have a written note as part of the picture with ‘Hello Jane’ or ‘We love keephimcaged’ or something like that on it (be creative!) so you can’t use someone else’s picture. If there’s any doubt about the picture I’m going to ask for another so please don’t waste your time and ours trying to fake them (yep had that too).

The last verification picture I got sent, the couple had included him, in just his cock cage too! While I usually ban people for sending me dick pics, this was kinda cute as a one off. So if you’d get a thrill sending a pic of you holding his caged cock or something (okay, so it’s probably him getting the thrill) then in this once instance it’s fine. But totally not necessary!

So if you’re interested, the way to apply to join the group is as follows:

Send an email to me at keephimcaged@gmail.com that includes the following:

  1. The verification picture
  2. A brief bio about you – nothing too personal, it just gives me an idea of who’s wanting to join – stuff like rough ages, relationship status, do you have kids, where you are in the world,  whatever you are happy to share
  3. A summary of your chastity/kinky experience so far – again only what you want to share
  4. If you have a tumblr blog you’d like me to know about, include the address of that for interest
  5. Most importantly, tell me why you’d like to join the group – it’s free, and I like the group small and friendly so it’s your job to persuade me to send you an invite!

I’m afraid it has to be by email as that’s the only way I can invite you to the ‘Slack’ group. However, your email and everything you tell me above is completely in confidence. No one else can see your email once you’ve joined, and you can pick whatever name you wish (although we have a policy on only using normal names and not weird usernames, but it can be anything, not your real one).

You can access the group online via https://chastitywags.slack.com or there’s a very good app you can add to your phone (it’s very similar to whatsapp etc). Just look up ‘Slack’ in whatever app store you use. It’s one of the fastest growing community platforms in the world (says Hubby).

If you have any questions about it that’s fine too, just email me at the same address.

Thanks to all those who have asked about the group this month, I hope this answers your question! Sorry for all the hoops you have to jump through but I hope you understand why making sure everyone’s genuine in the group is so important. I know it’s going to be a turn off having to send a picture, it would be to me, but if you can think of another way to do it then I’m happy to consider it.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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