Locktober 2017 – Day 3 The pleasure is all yours

Today is about you, his cock is going to stay locked up and not get out, at all. If you’re new to caging then this is just a case of putting it on before you start and, maybe taking it off after you’re done, or… maybe it’s time for him to try it overnight?

As I pre-warned you yesterday (and still useful for those using this later)- if you can he’s to give you an orgasm to start the day. It can be with his hands, a vibe, or ideally his mouth. 

Worried you won’t be perfectly fresh? Screw that – how often did he get you to suck him without showering first? Exactly. Just think about that and stop feeling guilty and enjoy it and stop feeling guilty! lol Let him make you cum while you read the news or a book or flick through Tumblr etc.

Next go and shower and leave him caged, horny, and smelling you with every breath. When you get back you might want to uncage him to shower, depending on the design, or just keep him in it. With our plastic one it’s quite good if it comes off and gets cleaned every few days.

If you want to you can play with him at this point. I love sucking his freshly showered cock. But not letting him out at all is hot too, and if you have any doubt he might play in the shower, keep him locked up.

Either way, at this point you explain the way the day is going to work. You might let him out this evening (do not promise more than letting out), but only if he’s pleased you all day, sexually and emotionally. He’s not allowed to ask for anything today, he’s only allowed to ask, ‘What can I do to please you?.

Then add a couple of specifics – if he’s home during the day say that you want an orgasm at lunchtime, and either way, as soon as you’re together at home after work the first thing you want is his mouth between your legs.

Ideally you’d hope for some extras, cute messages, flowers, dinner bought or prepared, etc

Let me be clear here, however well he does, I suggest you don’t let him out. Because it’s hot!

Come bedtime it’s time for an extended session of him eating you out. You can put on a tv show or read a book but I’d suggest, to start at least, you watch some porn while he does it. On your laptop or tablet or phone, whatever. Porn that specifically, he can hear, but cannot see. It will drive him wild. Just, yeah, wild, trust me on this.

I suggest you try a specific position for this, and that’s with you on your back shuffled down the bed so he can kneel on the floor (give him a cushion so he can go longer) and you can either put your feet on the edge or lean them over the bed or over his shoulders, mix it up and see what works best. You lying and him lying down too is okay but you on the edge of the bed gives him MUCH better access, he can breathe better and so go longer.

If you’re confident enough you can always really go for it and have him lie down and sit on his face, but we’ll be trying that later on in Locktober with specific tips to make it easier.

You can of course be on a sofa or chair too. Just both be comfortable enough to go a long time. How long? I’d aim for at least half an hour – he may need little breaks. But, see below for how long it could be as a challenge…

Full Lockdown Version

No changes needed here, you stay locked, good boy!

Porn suggestions

If you aren’t much of a porn watcher you can try one of the big sites like pornhub.com or redtube.com – but here are some quick suggestions I’ve pulled from my blog:

I, umm, have developed this fascination with big cocks (have you seen the size of our strap on?) so if you’re curious, here’s a couple of compilations of those…

http://spankbang.com/9yzy/video/big%20cock%20compilation– this one starts loud but it’s women saying how big the guy’s cock are so BRILLIANT for him to only be able to hear and not see (evil laugh). You’ll probably get bored before the end but it’s such a hot one for him to have to hear while caged up!

Another option is to use a kind of slideshow page that takes images from a tumblr blog – you can change the speed and stuff, but here’s a couple I use

Slideshow of Images from this blog (slow to read captions

Slideshow of big cocks (even has music on this one)

Other videos I’ve recommended recently:


https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph58a07b8295d9a – a compilation of our favourite handjob and blowjob videos

http://sexix.net/video68285-marks-head-bobbers-amp-hand-jobbers-sarah-diavola-ruined-orgasms-101/# – from the same people a very impressive example of teasing talk!

Pornhub has a For Women category you could try out:


You can change between homemade and professional too, I often prefer the former.

Or maybe be adventurous and try some of the other categories on the left of pornhub’s page that take your fancy (good idea to change the search to most viewed or highest rated etc).

Then again, if porn isn’t your thing try some erotica. I mean, pretty great to read it while being licked!!!

Talk to him

If he’s not very good at oral then do give him guidance. Even if he is, make sure to throw in some instructions such as(just use whatever you fancy):

  • Slow licks now, keep me on the edge
  • Harder now, suck on my clit
  • Tongue fuck my pussy
  • Put your finger in me too
  • Use a dildo in me as you lick my clit
  • Play with my bottom at the same time
  • Lick my bottom now
  • Stick your finger in my arse (if he was wild before that’ll top it…)
  • And of course, ‘make me cum now’

Not that cumming once is the end, no no, see how many you can get tonight!

If you’re feeling vocal, or if you’re not but know you need to work on it, you can try some teasing things too, stuff like:

  • I am starting to see the benefits of this chastity thing now
  • You’re so much better with your mouth than you are with your cock
  • I love this, I’m not sure why I need to unlock your cock at all to be honest
  • It really turns me on to know your little cock is all squashed up and can’t even get hard
  • Is your cock actually dripping yet honey? Tell me if it does, I like that

And encourage him of course, tell him how good it feels, what feels best, that you love him, that you love him doing this to you, etc

For really good tips on technique get him studying this guide from another denial blog:


Your challenge is to let him keep going until he says he has to stop. Yes, you are to let him give you oral sex until he’s unable to do more. Even sexier… say you don’t care – make him make you cum one more time before he can stop. Trust me, that’ll turn him on so much.

If he goes to stop without asking, try a ‘I’m not done yet, stay there until you can’t do any more – make me cum again now’ kind of thing.

So once you’re completely satisfied – and feel free to get him to rub or vibe you more if you’re not and he can’t lick any more, you tell him how well he’s done, but then, I would recommend you don’t let him out. You just let him cuddle you, frustrated and horny – it’s what he really wants, honestly.

But you may want to reward him, so your options are:

1. Thank him but say you’re worn out and tell him to cuddle up against you caged while you fall asleep

2. Say he’s pleased you and restrain him and remove the cage and play and edge him if you want, before caging him and then untying him. Don’t do it for too long (and obviously not if you’re doing Full Lockdown).

3. Say he’s pleased you, would he like to be uncaged? When he says yes, restrain him, and then take it off and either do nothing (you only promised to uncage him) or just play a bit and then leave him.  So yes, the idea is you leave him tied up all night! If he has to come out, the cage goes back on. You might enjoy just teasing him every so often, or even climbing on and fucking him a little. But you’ll probably be all orgasmed out and just sleep. And that’s perfect.

Which you choose is up to how you’re feeling and if he’s managed to focus and ask what will please you all day. I’m not going to let him out at all, simplist and makes the point!

Ask him how he found it, I bet he loved it, even if you left him untouched. Remember that the next time you feel guilty.

That’s it for today – tomorrow something completely new – we’re going to explore the ruined orgasm, in a lot of detail!

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