Locktober 2016 – Day 6

Take a chance, take a chance

I hope you’re enjoying everything so far! Thanks so much for those lovely people giving me feedback, you are most appreciated! I know I keep saying it but it’s so helpful hearing back from people, so please do message me. 

We do things a bit differently from how chastity is often portrayed on Tumblr and elsewhere and it’s so useful to understand what is and isn’t useful – I won’t take it personally, I promise!

So, part of that difference is that I’m not some all-controlling domme but in fact my natural comfort zone is being submissive. So sometimes when I’m struggling with taking the lead in chastity play something that can really help is semi-delegate my responsibilities to chance!

I love games of chance, so that’s the idea today. And things might get a bit more switchy at points!

The Coin Game – Part 1 – Day edges

So to start the day you give your caged fella a coin. At any point during the day  he can give you the coin, and you flip it   (although you can limit it to once or twice before the bedtime game whatever you fancy and have time or energy for).

If it’s heads, he gets edged. If it’s tails, he has to stay in the cage and do what you want. This might be him licking you, rubbing you, massaging you, or you might just give him a job around the house or task to do!

However, if you choose him stimulating you, you’re at the mercy of the coin too. When you get close you have to toss the coin again. Heads you can cum, tails you just get edged and left horny! 🙂

If he gets heads try and do it a bit differently from just having him lie in bed. Maybe he sits on the edge of the bed and you kneel, or have him stand!

Of course at no time does he cum, as soon as he’s had the one edge, he goes back in the cage. Maybe set no limits on amount of them at first but if he’s doing it too much say ‘no more coin tosses for two hours’ – you’re still in charge!

The Coin Game – Part 2 – Bedtime!

So that’s how the day works, but come evening time, you regain more control as the game of chance continues.

Firstly, if you have something like viagra I suggest you give him one an hour or two before bedtime. The longer before of course, the more likely he is to get hard in his cage and suffer, so that’s up to you. Do be aware he shouldn’t be left too hard for too long while he’s caged as it is probably bad for his cock. If you don’t have pills a cock ring at appropriate times will do,and yes an elastic band can do nicely if not too tight.

So, bedtime again, both need a good shower and then after he’s pleased you in whatever way you want  (but you aren’t allowed to cum yet) optionally restrain him (I think it works well for this game) and say the game is going to continue.

Each round you are going to tell him what the heads and tails options are, and he can choose to continue, or to stop, in which case it’s over and he goes back in his cage. 

You don’t have to take him out of his cage until he gets a first heads result (unless you want to or if you’ve given him viagra etc, and you need to).

Here are the heads and tails option for each successive round:

  1. Heads – cage comes off, he gets you to grind on his cock as you wear panties;
    Tails – he gets you to grind on his cock as you wear panties, but the cage doesn’t come off 😀
  2. Heads – he gets to rub his cock between your lubed breasts;
    Tails he sucks and licks your breasts for as long as you want
  3. Heads he gets a handjob edge;
    Tails – he rubs and vibes you to the edge, but no cumming for you yet either (if he’s tied up you could sit on his face or just edge yourself while he watches!)
  4. Heads – hands and mouth edge for him;
    Tails – he licks your pussy and asshole if you fancy it (again no cumming)
  5. Heads – he gets you to ride his cock;
    Tails – you ride a strap on OR if you don’t have one ride his cock but first you put either double condoms on him or if you have one, a penis sheath so he can’t feel much – you can orgasm! Yay!
  6. Heads – he gets stroked and sucked while you push a finger or toy in his bottom (I usually put a condom on my finger);
    Tails – more clit and ass licking, but this time to orgasm (if you want to untie him so you can have him in  better position that’s your call)
  7. Heads– he gets a ruined orgasm (see note);
    Tails – his cock and balls get tortured, smacking, squeezing and if you have it, coated with some menthol rub

Note – It depends where you are with your guy as to whether you want to actually ruin him or not. Some may be desperate enough to do it now, but on the whole I’d suggest try to avoid it even if they win

Saying they are going to get an orgasm or a ruin and then just, changing your mind because you are the ‘keyholder’ is really hot, apparently!

Ways to do this… lie! Say they got tails and torture them anyway lol, or if you’ve already ruined them by accident this week, you edge them, ask them if they are ready to be ruined, and then stop, and say, ‘Oh you used that up earlier in the week darling, I hope you enjoyed it then’ and stop. Even if he hasn’t been ruined by accident, just change your mind when he’s on the edge! That’s your prerogative!

So again, unless you think your guy really needs his balls emptying, don’t do it.

Also remember the game is that he gets to choose if the game stops (but it’s very unlikely he’d stop before challenge 7 I’d think).

Menthol rub hurts A LOT. Once you’ve put it on there is nothing you can do to stop it. I suggest you dilute it by mixing it with some lotion, start with a little, and add more after you’ve waited at least five minutes for the effects to kick in. A good distraction is sitting on his face and making him eat you out as he suffers – well, at least it stops the whining! 😀

A variation: he never sees the coin result – you just tell him whichever one you want it to be each round. ‘Oh no honey, tails AGAIN?!’ lol. Of course you could do this to give him the heads results you like too!

If he gets annoyed at being denied the ruined orgasm then remind yourself this is why he’s trying denial, and that this was his choice, to put you in charge. Put the cage back on him, and tell him if he acts like that again he won’t be coming out at all!

But most of all, make sure you have fun, and push yourself to try a few new things if you can,that’s what it’s all about. Don’t worry too much about the rules if you don’t want to!


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