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Written by Mistress Ivey,

Many times teasing your partner can become difficult. The problem is coming up with imaginative ways to tease him so that things don’t become “stale” or “routine”. Well, I have good news. There is a website that is jam-packed with teases that you can use “as-is” or modify for your own special needs.

Milovana is a website dedicated to web teasing. They have literally hundreds of webteases. Most are designed for men, though there are a few for women. However, all the teases are designed for solo use. That means that the reader is supposed to masturbate as directed in the tease. Some of the teases involve pain of kind or another, and many require you to have certain “toys” during the tease. Almost all of them are excellent example of tease and denial.

So how does this help you? I would suggest that you read several of the tease and denial teases and see how you could adapt them to your own situation. In other words, how you can use them with your partner. Perhaps you want to become the person guiding the tease and order your partner to do the things the tease call for. Or… You can become a part of the tease by doing the things listed in the tease to your partner instead of making him do them to himself. Your participation would greatly increase the pleasure you both obtain from the tease.

If you are really into tease and denial, you should be able to find many of the webteases useful. For example, you want your partner to remain in chastity (orgasm free) for a month. Try this: once a week, remove his chastity device and perform one of the teases from Milovana to tease and deny him an orgasm. By the end of the month, he will be more than willing to do whatever you want in order to get that orgasm. It won’t be long before you are coming up with tease and denial scenes of your own.

So give Milovana a try and see what ideas you can come up with. You might even break a webtease up into several parts and have him perform a portion of it each day (or night, as the case may be). Anyway, it will be entertaining and there is a great deal of potential for some real excitement…

Thanks to MistressIvey

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