This just got sent to me… I don’t know quite what to say but thanks, I guess? I’d normally never post dick pic so don’t take this as an invite. 

And to the guy who keeps sending me captions, they are okay, not great, but I have no idea if the woman in them gave her consent so I’m never posting them.

PS where can I get a chart like this? 😛

I was looking for this chart and had forgotten it got sent to me in the first place, lol

Hubby found the original:

It’d be really mean to print it out slightly oversized, wouldn’t it…

Anyway, I posted this as in discussing plans for Locktober, the idea of this month being Sizetember came up, which is kind of fun. So I’ll post various size teasing bits and pieces for you lot to enjoy (as lots of you seem to!)

Jane xx

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