Get one of these for FREE!

I’ve just got an email saying if you’re in the UK then Lovehoney are offering one of these for FREE if you spend just £20 on anything else, which is a complete bargain as it’s usually £30 itself!

As far as I know it only works on the site:

Lovehoney UK Offer Code Page and then enter the code MEGA20 to have it added to the order (once you spend £20 or more) – remember you can buy from the UK site and have it shipped to the US, and it’s even sometimes cheaper due to our exchange rate now.

There are lots of other good special offers you can find on any of their sites though, you can find on the Special Offer Page

I hope some of those are useful! We get a little commission from them so anything you buy helps support the blog, thanks everyone!

If you haven’t read my ‘script’ about what it’s like to try one of these then I’m sure you’ll enjoy ‘The Husband Upgrade’ (I must do some more of those!)

I’ve just been told this code now works on the US site too! Free penis extenders for everyone!

So this should take you to the right code entry page:

Lovehoney Offer Code Page

and then enter MEGA20 in the box to get the really sexy penis extender free with your order – cool!!

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