I’ve been happily following your blog for a couple years & although my wife an I have no desire for being caged I am curious about others & their thoughts desires. I know you guys are monogomous but it seems like your posts lately are slanting towards a hotwife/cuckold kind of lifestyle. Is that just teasing hubby or is there something to it. Is that a thought your husband has ever had? Does he enjoy the humiliation & sarcasm about his size. You say he’s not small but perfect and avg. thx

Good lord I post one comic image of a guy losing his wife in a bet to a big black cock and I’m suddenly slanting towards cuckolding! You guys really are desperate for me to say it’s okay, aren’t you. And yet again, I won’t, I think it’s a really bad idea that will do harm to almost any relationship that isn’t already on a crash course to destruction. 

Hot monogamy is entirely the way for us and the point of chastity is to increase that intimacy, not go wasting it on other people. 

As for penis size teasing, of course he enjoys it or I wouldn’t do it. It’s really hot to tease him about something he can’t do anything about, and he’s secure enough in himself and his cock that he purely finds it a turn on too.

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