Its getting harder!!


This morning was the worst morning yet, my alarm clock is now my organs trying so hard to break out. I woke up feeling so horny and 2 weeks ago i would have jumped in the shower and relieved myself. My lovely wife hated that and i bet she is reading this with a huge grin.

I just know that even if i had tried my hardest any stimulation would have just left me even more horny and desperate. Saying that i love it, instead of a quick tug in the shower im sitting here at work longing to touch her when i get home.

The anticipation of not knowing if tonight i will be let out to have a full erection and be teased mercilessly and locked back up again? or will i simply be left locked with my amazing wife using her gorgeous body to make me strain in the confined bars of my cage.

At present i like this feeling of lust towards her, the desperation to run my hands all over her body and to kiss her passionately. That’s the biggest predicament i face, i don’t want this feeling to end and i am pretty damn sure she doesn’t either. I’m locked up, she has the keys and there is no escape from the cage surrounding me and i feel drunk with the love i have for her.  

What a lovely description!

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