In between the pillows she’d placed the fake pussy, in the condom she’d poured the numbing cream. He had five minutes to cum. If he did, he’d drink it, if he didn’t she’d lock him back up. It was win win, hot and hilarious in the best way.

‘You’re not allowed to make a mess in my pussy any more, are you baby… so make the most of this fake pussy, mine is just for licking and big toys now darling’

It seemed to make him even more desperate to hear this, but she still didn’t think he’d cum. If he did, she’d give him 3 minutes the next time…

Lovehoney have a great offer on the Thrust Pro male masturbators, 2 for $30 or £20 or $40 Aus – and they are really, really good. We’ve had other ones before but a friend recommended these very highly. Two for that price is amazing, and so good for edging and teasing – not to mention post orgasm torture.

Check out the range here Thrust Pro Offer on Lovehoney

We recommend the Eva as the favourite, but the one with a pussy one end and ass the other is a great idea too!

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