I’m a guy early 40s been with my partner 18 years. She was inexperienced when we met and had no knowledge of porn. Over the last few years I encouraged her to watch some BBC porn and it’s really changed her as she is now obsessed masturbating about it and comparing me in size. She admitted after all the years she never realised how small my erection is as it was all she had known. She now gets turned on comparing me and gets horny


As I’ve confessed before, this is the kink that’s REALLY surprised me coming out of all this. Obviously as you go through Tumblr looking for chastity stuff like we do, you find some that involve penis size teasing (as I call it, or small penis humiliation as the much less friendly but mainstream name for it is).



And at some point I posted one to our shared blog with a note, ‘is this hot?’ and hubby messaged back, ‘So fucking hot’ and I was really surprised. And that led to us talking more about it. He’s not small, pretty perfectly average according to what I read, but a grower rather than a show-er, but still the whole size teasing thing totally arouses him.


I think it’s partly the complete unfairness of it, that he’s powerless to do anything about it. So it’s like when he’s tied up, a mental version of that feeling.


I especially like using it as a reason for why his cock should be locked up…


If you were this big, darling, I couldn’t even get you in a cage…

In general he’s got no insecurities about his cock and I don’t know if it’d be hot if he did, although I guess it’d be quite cathartic. 


So we explored teasing him and damn, okay it was hot! Like I said, it’s totally teasing for us, never humiliation. You’ll see in all the captions I reblog about it it’s pretty cute fun ways of saying things, never calling it nasty names etc.


But the other amazing effect is what it’s done to me. I’d just never thought about cock size before, honestly, it wasn’t on my radar AT ALL. I loved hubby’s cock and that was it. But I guess two things combined to change that. 

Firstly was with the teasing I started finding pictures of big cocks to post to him, with just caption like ‘wow’ or ‘that wouldn’t even fit in a cage’ and he loved me sending those to him.

And then, then we got Adonis – our King Cock Extra Girthy Dildo. And we fitted it to our strap on and…oh my god. I came all over that huge dick and we both ADORED it. I had never cum from just penetration alone, and really it never bothered me, he made me cum in so many amazing ways, hands, mouth, toys and cock combined with those. But holy fucking shit, just getting pounded with that big dildo was amazing! I loved discovering that extra way of cumming and he did too. 

And of course it combines so well with chastity, all his arousal and passion and frustration going into fucking me for as long and hard as I want. Wow.

Again let me be clear, I would never want to have sex with any other man, no matter what his cock size, I love hubby and we are strictly monogamous. I don’t even find the thought of having sex with another man the slightest bit sexy. But him using that toy on me, damn, amazing!


Big cocks too, pictures of beautiful big cocks are so sexy! I guess it’s like hubby looking at a perfect bottom or pair of boobs, it turns him on, and that’s okay, he still WANTS me. He doesn’t want to have sex with them, he wants to have sex with me (and that was the breakthrough in me being okay with porn, sometimes…when it’s sexy and not just stupid and in your face). 

I wouldn’t describe myself as obsessed over cock size, as you say your wife is getting, just that it’s an occasional thrill and I know what talking about it does to hubby, and looking at hot cock pics while he goes down on me still feels so naughty and sexy. So she just needs to make sure she has a reality check. In my opinion it’s a fun kink to share but needs to be kept in balance, especially if you’re not endowed. For us having a big cock dildo which is what hubby gets compared to most of all is perfect, as it’s NOT another person, but a toy.

But getting him to put it on, or just hold it next to his cock, and I give IT a blowjob or stroke or ride it drives him absolutely crazy, in the hottest possible way.

So yay, I love big cocks, and hubby loves me loving them! Who’d have thought! lol

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