If I could follow one blog on tumblr yours would be it. If I would let one faceless and fictionalized blog-mistress cage me it would be you. Practical, smart, sexy, mean and sweet! Please keep at it. Who knows maybe you’ll become famous and your ideas will seep indirectly into my wife’s world….In the meantime I’ll check you first. D

Well thank you, I think. I’m not sure what a fictionalised blog mistress means but I’ll take it as a compliment…

The idea of the stuff I’m writing at the moment is to give something really low key that you could maybe try to introduce to your wife I hope. It seems like that’s one of the really big challenges in all this. From all I’ve read on the forums most of you guys into chastity just totally overdo it when trying to introduce it to your partner. You do stupid stuff like surprise her with your caged cock etc. And I get that you’ve got all horny and obsessed about it but that’s just not the way to go about it.

Also your expectations tend to be way to high, so you’re jumping from nothing to ‘be my mistress’ and again that will fall flat on it’s face.

But here’s the thing, this stuff really works. Okay, so I started out open to kinky stuff when we explored this first, but originally I was absolutely naive about any kink and vanilla as they come, so I do get where many are coming from.

However both in my life and the many women I talk to about this, the benefits of all this, TO US, are real, in terms of the actual stuff we care about – greater intimacy, more attention from our partner, a renewed sex life, just having fun together, better communication, much more and better orgasms. This is the actual stuff that will get us into this, not some magic transformation into the domme of your fantasies. But if you get the intimacy, and fun, and communication bit right then I think, for most of you, you’ll be surprised just what we’ll be prepared to try, and get into – and trust me, the reality is way better than the fantasy.

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