I took the plunge, i put the cage on and gave her the keys. We are both loving it. This weekend she teased me about Cuckold, do you ever do this with you man? Im trying to work out if she meant it or not, we have always said no its wrong but damn she went into some detail!! Thanks for you amazing blog, your advice has changed out relationship.

Wow, well congratulations, that’s very exciting. We don’t really tease about cuckolding apart from my big dildo, who I’ve called Adonis and I make hubby use instead of him, ideally on a strap on (I just posted links to them).

In my strong opinion cuckolding is best left a fantasy. I know it’s a huge thing for some people but I’m a big believer in monogamy and wherever you introduce someone else into a relationship you’re losing control of what happens.

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