I have recently went through 2 rings for the CB6000. They both broke where the pegs go through the ring. CBX customer service has been horrible and kind of dickish when I emailed them about replacements. I would caution anyone not to buy from them unless you are ok with throwing money away. I’ll never buy another product from them.

Okay, thank you, good to know. I’ve never dealt with CB-X directly. Yet another reason to buy something like that from Lovehoney – they have amazing customer service and free returns, refunds or replacements for any reason for a whole year. 

The women (it’s always been women whenever I’ve talked to them anyway) who answer the phone (24 hours now I think) are absolutely lovely, and so helpful and knowledgeable. They are all totally into sex toys (one of the big perks of the job is they get to try all the stuff out apparently lol).

I’d still recommend the CB6000S as where to begin for most people because nothing else has the capacity to change the sizes and gaps as you adjust to wearing a cock cage at all. And once you’ve settled down and know what is comfortable for you, then you can get some metal cages from somewhere like Toys4NaughtyBoys.

I hope that helps!

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