I have read research that shows quite clearly that men who have more ejaculations are less likely to get prostate cancer, Whilst the effect is not massive it is significant I wondered if you knew this and how you would work it into your regime. i know some people are in favour of prostate milking for that reason. What is your take on it?I did try prostate cancer in your search engine but it came up blank. My apologies if you have already answered this under a different heading.

It’s a good point (just not that sexy a topic to talk about) that regular ejaculations are shown to reduce the incidence of prostate cancer. However for us it’s not really a huge issue. The way we do things he’s still ejaculating pretty often, but many of them are ruined orgasms or milkings as you say. The studies I read were also about lifetime ejaculation habits so if your fella was jacking off once a day until you decided to stop that and lock him up (good call) then we don’t know if reduced ejaculations now is even a problem.

It is something to be aware of if you’re going for hardcore long term caging with no release but then that’s a pretty rare occurrence (although I’m thinking about making Locktober this year ‘The Full Lock Down!’ so watch out for that! lol).

But thank you for raising an important issue! 

Most importantly for you all is to know the signs of prostate cancer and not be a normal stupid man and not see the doctor if you have any of them. Prostate cancer caught early is super easy to treat! So read this and if you develop ANY of the symptoms then talk to your doctor about it. Best case scenario you get a hot doctor playing with your cock and putting her finger up your bum, which most of you would love anyway!

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