Hubby confessed he wanted me to do this recently. It wasn’t top of my list for hot ideas but honestly, once we did it it was much more fun and hotter than I expected!

The best bit though… my friend had to go, but I pretended I was still on the phone! So I started to drop in some things that hubby couldn’t believe.

‘What am I up to? I probably shouldn’t say…’

‘I’m giving James a handjob, yes I’m serious. He can’t believe I just told you! No no, I don’t need to go, it’s not like he needs two hands’

‘No he didn’t know I’d told you about his little problem, he does now!’

That kind of stuff. It was brilliant but he figured out I was faking, I couldn’t stop laughing after a while. If I’d have held it together I’d have wanted to end it like this though…

Maybe next time…

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