How often should a guy be eating his cum?

Regularly, but depends on the guy really. I didn’t used to like hubby doing it much but over time I’ve come to like it sometimes. The main reason I think being he’s always expected me to swallow him after a blowjob so this just seems fair. Also, very practically, I like the fact the mess gets cleaned up! He made it, he should clean it up lol

So, I tend to like it most when we’ve built up a big load with some edging over days, and then make it part of the bargaining – I’ll ruin you if you swallow it, kind of thing. As fun as it is to try and make him cum into his own mouth it requires a kind of ridiculous position for him to be in:

…so we don’t do that very often (although it is hot occasionally) so mostly it’s into a glass and then quickly have him down it before the moment passes.

We have a tall shot glass that’s good for it. I’ve sometimes said if he can fill it then he won’t have to drink it which adds a fun twist. He’s got close before!

A naughty thing last week was, we had friends around, and were having cocktails and shots. We didn’t have enough without the one we’d been using… so obviously, I put it through the dishwasher, and it was all clean but, I did enjoy thinking one of them might be drinking from the glass that’d been full of hubby’s cum earlier in the week.

Bottoms up! lol

Anyone for a Pina Colada?

Yes, this is a thing! (I think it’s a joke though, maybe?)

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