How often do you let your husband cum?

An ever decreasing amount! Because, it’s just better for us both.

The pattern we got into last year was averaging maybe once every two weeks, but we’re pretty relaxed about it, I like him thinking I could let him at any time, and so always being desperate for it.

Sure it’s fun to set long term targets occasionally, but mostly, I like it being up to me now.

So, it might even be about once every three to four weeks now, with perhaps a ruin or two a week if I’m feeling generous (or slip up lol).

But it’s still very variable. We had great fun with our friends doing some ‘medical tests’ before the summer break where we let them cum quite a lot (as we were measuring and comparing things like cum volume, distance it shot, etc So much fun!).

I’m more and more of a mind to not let him though, it makes such an impact on his desire for intimacy and sex, it kind of wipes things out for a few days. And that’s so evident now, it’s a real incentive just to not let him cum much at all!

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