how do you feel about making your caged husband shave his legs and wear support pantyhose with shorts to run errands or go out with you?

I really don’t like the idea at all. Sorry. I know the whole cross dressing thing is hot for lots of guys into chastity but the reality is, I don’t think most of us women find it anything but a huge turn off.

It is just conceivable I might make him wear my panties for a laugh (never have though), but it’s not in the remotest bit sexual, it’s just funny. The thought of anything else just gives me the heebie jeebies.

And this is really important for those of you wanting to get your partners to lock you up. You need to be very aware, that whether you like it or not, some of the common ‘extras’ like cross dressing and cuckolding, and for many (I think) even the Female Led Relationship side, is not attractive at all. Exposing us to it too fast could derail the whole thing.

So STICK TO CHASTITY at first! If you can get her over the whole shock of a cock cage then the benefits are plentiful. More intimacy, better sex, a fun shared sexy secret and a revitalised love life just for starters.

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