How can I tell my chastity fantasy to my wife?

Very carefully. Seriously, it’s pretty complicated, it depends on where you are with your relationship and sex life, and it’s all too easy for you to just get carried away and freak her out.

I’ve had this question a lot recently so it’s prompted me to start writing out my thoughts on the subject. I’m chatting with hubby about turning it into some kind of little book or something that would be very, VERY easy to read and a non-threatening way to introduce her to the concept and see it in the completely positive way I’ve discovered it to be with hubby.

I bought some other books that purported to do that recently and honestly, they were mostly just awful (and I think at least half were written by guys).

Within a page or two they were introducing stuff like pegging and slavery and chastity contracts and ARGGGGH it was just ridiculous! I know some of you love all that but that is a SUREFIRE way to kill this off with your wife or girlfriend before it even begins.

That is NOT what it’s about for us, it’s about the huge boost to the intimacy we feel with you, and revitalising our sex lives, and helping us explore kinky things with you and just having FUN! 

So yes, if you lot think it would be useful then I’ll get working on it?

Jane xxx

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