how can i get my wife to do this

Hmm, well that’s a huge subject. From what I see in forums most guys battle to get their partners interested, and I think that’s natural because the first impression is… ‘YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!!!’. They have little idea of the benefits caging and chastity can bring to a relationship because, it sounds nuts!

Then, even worse, the second impression is they look it up and alongside lots of pictures of cocks in cages (we really aren’t that interested in seeing them, sorry chaps), we find all this crazy shit about you wanting us to fuck other men while we lock your penis up forever and make you wear frilly dresses.

Yeah, so… maybe not the best introduction.

Hubby and I were very kinky before we got into this so it’s been easy for us, as it was literally him pointing out a cock cage and me agreeing it could be funny to put him in it. Who knew what we were getting into!

The trouble is most guys have WAY TOO HIGH expectations of what they think it’ll be like. And so you just set yourself up for disappointment and frustration.

If I get time maybe I’ll write some kind of post, ‘Your husband wants you to read this but didn’t know how to say it himself’ with a gentle introduction.

You may have noticed I’ve started to label some of my posts ‘safe’ which means I think they wouldn’t offend women new to this. My (along with this new theme) is to create ways to JUST see the ‘safe posts’. And I’ll do the same for my advice ones etc too.

However, I’d be interested to know if anyone thought a completely separate safe only blog would be useful (I kind of got a bit carried away on this one, much to my surprise!).

Overall I think there’s a gap in the advice on all this. I’m sorry to tell you most women do not want cuckolding or cross dressing or sissifying their men. Yet most of the advice out there from women is from some dominatrixes and has lots of that built in.

Cock caging and chastity can actually be AMAZING at creating more intimacy, revitalising sex lives, and just as a way of having fun together. So I’ll do what I can to help get that message out, but you men have to tailor your expectations so you don’t fuck it up!

So, while I get that stuff sorted, I’d suggest you set up your own ‘safe’ blog and put posts from me and other positive blogs like and maybe a FEW very vanilla captions. And then say very gently, ‘honey, there’s something I wondered if you’re interested in, but it’s kind of hard to explain. Can you have a look at these?

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