His choice… kind of.

Any of you who follow us probably know that I’m not big on promising him that if he does a certain thing, that he is guaranteed a satisfying orgasm. I find that when I do that, he just behaves well until the reward, and then slides back for a few days after and doesn’t behave until the urges from being locked up start again.

However, you probably also know that we both love it when I fuck with his head and keep him confused and off balance. I was thinking about this last night after I unlocked him, sucked him hard, rode him for a bit to get that full pussy feeling that I love getting from him. Then he went down on me and locked himself back up without any orgasm. I came so hard while he licked me, thinking about watching him lock himself up, without me having to ask, after. Such a good boy.

But after, I had an idea that was more in the fucking with his head dynamic. What if I unlocked him and told him he could get himself off if he wanted, but with a price?

I thought I would give him a certain number of strokes to get started, but after that, every stroke came with a price. Maybe an hour of lockup for each stroke. So if it took him 200 strokes to get off, that’s 100 hours of lockup. 300 strokes are 200 hours.

He’s never had a problem with stamina, and I’ve payed close attention, so I know there’s no way he could go from locked up and limp to orgasm in 100 strokes.

I thought I would let him decide when (or if) he wants to play this game. He would be incentivized to wait as long as possible before he tried, so he’s super horny, but he would also want to try soon.

The main thing that I love about this idea, is that when he gets to the number of free strokes, he has to make a decision. He could stop and lock back up with no penalty, but if he keeps going, literally each stroke of his hand around that thick, beautiful cock of his, that feels so good for him, comes with a price.

What does he do if he gets to 300 and hasn’t cum yet? Does he keep going? Is he close? Is it worth another 24 strokes and another day of denial to see if he can cum yet? Or should he just stop at 100, lock back up and take that little bit of pleasure of feeling his hard cock in his hand, but without relief?

I love to see him struggle with his desire to cum and how it fights against his desire to serve me. I think it might just be the hottest thing ever, watching him stroke himself, knowing that each bit of pleasure he gets now comes with a price and watching him weigh one against the other.

What do you think? Any ideas how I might modify this challenge or make it even more interesting?


Nice idea! Saved for future (post Locktober) reference!

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