Hi there, I love the Locktober content (and the rest!), so helpful! I’d love to share it with my wife but even introducing her to Tumblr would be problematic for various reasons. Have you considered putting it into an ebook or even a proper book. I know that would be much easier to share with her and what you write is honestly better than anything else I’ve found. I’d be more than happy to pay to get something like that, I am sure others would too? Ryan

Wow, that’s so sweet of you. I don’t really know how that would work, but I’m sure I could find out, hubby’s good with that kind of stuff.

Before I go to all that bother though, does anyone else feel the same? Would my Locktober tasks be a useful book of some kind to share with your partner? More importantly would you buy it? 😀

If I get enough interest I’m sure we can figure out how it works…

Jane xxx

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