Hi, just wanted to inform you that using acetone on silicone is NOT advisable! Acetone will degrade silicone even after short exposures. You’ll significantly reduce your toy’s lifetime that way. If you don’t believe random strangers on the interwebz, check out the “Chemical Compatibility Database from Cole-Parmer”. It’s a neat little website that the lab I work at regularly uses to quickly check compatibility of various compounds.

Posting for everyone to see, but as a choice between a smelly butt plug and wiping it down with acetone and getting rid of that smell, I’m still going to do the latter. 

We’ve been doing it for a while and seen no degradation in our toys at all. Surely the point is you need something that DOES effect silicone to get rid of the surface silicone oil that carries the smell? That’s why it works… if it had no effect, like soap and water, it wouldn’t help.

We just wipe it down with a bit of the plain nail polish on a moist toilet paper wipe, then rinse it off in water. Toys have shown no negative effects yet. But each to their own.

Oh and hubby found the link he originally got the idea from, which is a high quality sex toy MANUFACTURER so yeah, I’m happy sticking with this.


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