Hi Jane. I remain a big fan of your blog. I think you are very creative and I love your chastity ideas and kinks. I was wondering how strict you are with the cage keys? Do you hide them? Does your husband have an emergency key? Do you unlock him or do you give him the key? How do you handle the keys thing please? And I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ross

Not very strict really. As we’ve written on our reviews page, unless you have a prince albert piercing then most cock cages’ security is a bit of a myth, you can usually pull out the back with some effort (if not always get it back in). That’s not to say you can get the device off, a well fitting cage isn’t coming off your balls without unlocking.

So I kind of pretend to be strict, because it’s hot! Him giving the keys over is a nice little tease. We just keep them in the bedside table (my side) so if he needed it he could get it. 

When he goes away with work occasionally he did take a key with him for obvious reasons, and what we did (because the temptation to take it off would be real I think) was put it in a little sealed envelope so I’d know if he’d got it out.

Ultimately, for us, and I think most couples doing this, there has to be a level of trust in all this. I read posts by guys who honestly sound like little kids who can’t keep their hands off their toys without them being locked away… it’s very immature. Denial in a relationship taps into what the rest of the relationship needs too, and that’s trust and love. If you honestly can’t stop yourself masturbating then sure, use a cage for that but you’ll need to be pierced for it to be truly effective or have one of those huge all in belts I guess. But if that was the case in a relationship I was in then chastity would be the least of my worries…

As for how we unlock, it varies. I try to do as much of the unlocking and locking as I can because I know it’s hot but it’s probably half and half him vs me. Especially locking back up is easier for him to do as I don’t want to pinch bits (which is pretty easy with most cages). But if he’s tied down then I do both (I actually practise with the cages off him so I can do it well, aren’t I a good keyholder!) as that’s the ultimate hotness, him having it taken off, edged and teased, then put back on all the while he’s unable to do anything about it.

Merry Christmas to you and all our readers!

Jane xxx

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