Hi Jane. Hope you are well. Looks like you had a chastity Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoyed teasing you husband. I have a question re sleeping in a cage please. Any advice or pointers there? You seem to insist your husband is locked up 24 hours a day. Is that a problem re sleeping and night time erections? Well, caged erections I presume. Are you still sticking to 5 days a week in the cage?Keep up the great blog. Ross

Hi Ross, 

We had a lovely Valentine’s thank you. It was mostly me getting teased actually 😛

As for sleeping in a cage, three main points I guess. Firstly make sure you’ve got a well fitting cage. We’ve found the new metal cages hubby has (read the reviews page) are much better for sleeping in than anything else yet.

Secondly he always lubes it before sleep, the ring bit, with a silicone lube that won’t dry out (and make it worse).

Thirdly is just the fact it takes time to get used to it. Some days now he doesn’t wake up at all, others he’ll have one wake up I think but quickly settle. At first it was multiple times every night, so his body has just got used to it.

As for the five days routine, we played a game in January which I ‘lost’ so it was actually me denied for a couple of weeks, which was fun. But since then I locked him back up and while he’s been out for edging probably every other day, he’s been locked up the whole time otherwise!

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