Hi I love your blog, my boyfriend and I are interested about getting a cage but I am worried it will hurt him. Is it safe to use and can it do any damage?

Thank you! I love it too, although I’ve been super busy this week so it hasn’t got much attention.

As far as our experience has been, and all I’ve read, yes, they’re very safe as long as you’re not stupid with it. The best type to get as a first cage is the CB-6000 series because it comes with lots of different size rings (the bit that goes around his balls) and spacers (the bit that decides how big a gap his balls need to keep them secure. So you can basically mess around with it and try lots of different combinations. Here’s what it looks like when worn:


There’s two main options on the CB-6000 series, normal, and 6000s, which yes, stands for small! lol 

So, here’s my advice, and I’m not just being mean with this. Unless your fella is really well endowed, go with the small one. So I’d guess ANY cock that’s a grower not a shower-er, and anything up to 6-7″ will easily squeeze into the small one. The reason is you do NOT want space at the end, you want him snugly in there, because it’s cute, and also apparently it’s better and less painful when they try to get hard if they have no room to grow.


You can get cheap versions on ebay but I highly recommend you getting yours from Lovehoney for three reasons. The cheap ones have a kind of hollowed out ring part that gets really dirty and isn’t as comfy, they tend to split (him waking up in the night when it split down the middle and then pinched his cock wasn’t even funny, although it sounds it now…) But most of all, Lovehoney offer a year long money back guarantee!!! That’s not just for if it breaks, it’s if you discover you just don’t like it once you’ve used it, for up to a year! So yeah, it costs more from them but you can get all your money back if you don’t discover you love it (or even just want to try the different sized one) (we buy all our toys from them for this reason, if we don’t like one, we just send it back!).

This is the link for the CB-6000s

The main thing is for him to just listen to his body when he tries it out. Put it on for an hour or two at most, then take it off. Have a break, try a different ring size, maybe a few hours, do that a few times over a few days before you try anything like overnight. Overnight erections WILL hurt, it takes time for him to get used to it. If he needs to get out, just let him, you’re both learning.

Also, use silicon lube (not waterbased) to lubricate the inside of it and the inside of the ring, makes a huge difference to it being comfortable apparently.

Give it at least a week of building up more and more before you try a whole day. And once you’re comfortable with that, then build up from there. You start taking more control of the keys. An emergency one in a sealed envelope is a very good idea.

Ultimately you’ll want to move on to a metal cage because they look cooler and most importantly, are way easier to clean. But for trying it out, this is definitely where to start!

As long as you keep talking about it, he takes time to build up and find the right size, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with it and it’ll all be a really positive experience for you both!

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