Hi! Awesome blog! Married couple here to, I have used a cage since I was 15, for medical reasons, and we both love it 👍



Thank you so much @swedishnaturist

From 15, wow… but, medical reasons? How does that work? I’m so intrigued! Did a doctor prescribe it?!!!

An intrigued Jane xxx

Actually I’m dominant, but I need to wear a cage to be able to work. I get constant erections, it can get hard 4-5 times every hour and stay hard for 5-10 minutes at the time, doesn’t matter if I’m horny or not. If I am horny it can stay hard for the whole hour without problem. I wear a suit at work so I need the cage, otherwise all my coworkers, clients and such would see my boner…

Have been seeing two different doctors with a couple of years apart and they can not help me. There are plenty of things to do to get it up, but not down…

How amazing! I guess you don’t actually tell the doctors about it though, do you?! Do they know you keep your cock caged as a medical treatment?
Have you grown to enjoy being caged?
So interesting!

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