Hey Jane! I love your blog – my bf and I have been playing for only a few weeks, but it’s been good so far and your blog has given me helpful advice, so thanks! :) One issue I have is that his padlock always pokes me in uncomfortable ways when I’m cuddling with him, I think it’s because the corners are really sharp. Do you have advice or tips? My email address is mshieldsnyc [at] gmail btw, since I don’t have a tumblr account myself. Anyways, thanks for your blog – both of us enjoy reading it!

Hiya, yeah we have stopped using ones with padlocks on for that reason and because they clonk around when he moves lol. Most of the new metal ones from places like Toys4NaughtyBoys or shops like this on Amazon come with very neat little locks built in, which is far more convenient, even if it does hold quite the same symbolism as snapping a padlock shut 😛

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